martes, julio 26, 2011

Where am I going to live for a year?

Izmir, Turkey

İzmir is a large metropolis in the western extremity of Anatolia. The metropolitan area in the entireIzmir Province had a population of 3.35 million as of 2010 making the city third most populous in Turkey (2009). 
İzmir metropolitan area extends along the outlying waters of the Gulf of İzmir and inland to the north across Gediz River's delta, to the east along an alluvial plain created by several small streams and to a slightly more rugged terrain in the south. The historical city was formerly known as Smyrna.

İzmir has a typical Mediterranean climate which is characterized by long, hot and dry summers; and mild to cool, rainy winters. The total precipitation for İzmir averages 706 mm (27.8 inches) per year; however, 77% of that falls during November through March. The rest of the precipitation falls during April through May and September through October. There is virtually no rainfall during the months of June, July and August.

In ancient Anatolia, the name of a locality called Ti-smurna is mentioned in some of the Level II tablets from the Assyrian colony in Kültepe (first half of the 2nd millennium BC), with the prefix ti- identifying a proper name, although it is not established with certainty that this name refers to modern day İzmir. The Romans took this name over as Smyrna which is the name that is still used in English when referring to the city in pre-Turkish periods. 

The name İzmir (Ottoman Turkish: إزمير İzmir) is the modern Turkish version of the same name. In Greek it is Σμύρνη (Smýrni), Իզմիր (Izmir) in Armenian, Smirne in Italian, Esmirna in Spanish, Smyrne in French, and Izmir (without the Turkish dotted İ) in Ladino.

Am I excited?, yes.. more than you can imagine...

sábado, julio 23, 2011

"The beginning of my exchange"

My adventure started from my entry to a private school.
There I met a guy named Torfin, who lived in México for the year I was studying my first year

This guy told me about the Rotary exchange. 
After several talks with him about the exchange, I took the initiative to make an appointment with his Mexican Rotary parents, who talked with my parents and told them a little bit about the exchange. 

They contacted me with my district 4190. I went tor the first meeting to discuss the exchange, and my mom thought that I would be an small explanation about the exchange, but when we arrived, we realized that many people were already looking for the exchange. 

Many meetings later, it was time to start the paperwork necessary for my exchange, paperwork that my mom didn't help me because she works.. but I finished all that the best way.

In this paperwork had to put a number of important documents (birth certificates, school grades, medical charts, etc.) I had to write a letter in English about me and my family, as well as my family wrote one about me , fill data, and choose from 15 different countries ... sort them by preference,of which I remember was, Turkey, France, Australia, Germany, Japan, Brazil, Taiwan, Belgium ... those are the ones that I remember

As Rotary International is a worldwide organization of volunteer leaders from all areas. We formed the first Interact club in Veracruz.
Interact is an independent group, Rotary clubs do social work to help the community. My group and I had lot to do, we went to recycling, helping old adults... and stuff like that.

Now it was time to study for the test that "depend on" the country to which I go. Study about Rotary History, Geography, Mexico History and English were the topics.
It wasn't hard at all, long.. but not hard... After nearly 5 hours between the history exam, break, review of Rotary, another break, test in English, rest and 2 interviews, one  to me and one to my parents, the testing day ended

By 26 March 2011, I had my first look at what is Rotary, because I went to the RYLA ("Rotary Youth Exchange Awards" that is like a camp, with all the out-bounds in the district), we all were nervous about what were going to happen. 2 Days before this, my club told me that they were going to tell us about the country at the end of the camp (that was not true). The camp was GREAT. I made new friends, met people, had fun.. because it was perfect.

Thursday, 31 March 2011 at 8:45:48pm and after saw that everyone were getting their countries... I got a mail, where said... 

Hello Alfonso the time you've been waiting has come, I inform you that the chairwoman has given you TURKEY as your destiny!. This is going to be a unique experience and I invite you to get ready for this journey, search what you can about your host country, enjoy and put in he sky the name of Mexico. Congratulations!
And I was like OMG... because I didn't know anything about Turkey.. so I freaked out... But I started to search about there, and found out that It has lot of history, culture, and great places!
Right now I LOVE Turkey...

After the letter came, I waited for any news about my District or host family. 
Then after look for the Exchange Student group in facebook, Fernanda(a girl that is going to turkey too) and I made the "Rotary Youth Exchange Turkey 2011- 2012" group, where by the time, we've been talking alot, I like to help them in everything I can, and we are like a family(: 

Then I got an inbox where said. 

I'm host mum ...we are waiting to you :))))))))

And I got like crazy as never before... I was in the school and I jumped up and screamed "SHE'S MY HOST MOM!"
And everybody went like "what?".. and I told'em she contacted me.

After that my turkish family and I started writing each other, and some skype too. They are soooooooo nice with me...

They are Mert Korur (my dad), Özlem Bilgili (my mom), Melike Korur (my sister going to canada) and Ömer Korur.